4EAT/GF4A-EL Information
Gear Ratio: First 2.800
Gear Ratio: Second 1.540
Gear Ratio: Third 1.000
Gear Ratio: Fourth 0.700
Final Ratio: 4.157
Gear Ratio: Reverse 2.333

In 1993 Mazda and Ford redesigned the 4EAT-G/G4A-EL. The number of solenoids was raised from three to seven, the seven solenoids, the vane-type pump was replaced by a rotor-type pump, and there was no longer a throttle cable. The transmission was renamed 4EAT and GF4A-EL.

This is a completely computer-controlled transaxle. There is NO throttle cable. Line pressure is solenoid controlled. The converter clutch is applied with the use of a typical on/off solenoid and a pulse-width- modulated (PWM) solenoid. The PWM solenoid controls the feel of both the apply and the release of the TCC.

In 1993, this transmission was used on both the 2.0L I4 and 2.5L V6 in the Ford Probe, Mazda MX-6, and Mazda 626. In 1994, the 2.0L I4 engines got a new transmission, but the 2.5L V6 continued using the 4EAT/GF4A-EL.

1 Temp Sensor White Yellow
2 Line Pressure Blue Green
3 3-2 Downshift Black Black
4 3-4 Shift Brown Brown
5 1-2 Shift Black Black
6 Temp Sensor White Yellow
7 N/A N/A N/A
8 Lock-up Yellow Green
9 Lock-up Control White Black
10 2-3 Shift Green Green

Line Pressure
Reverse 85-110 PSI at Idle
Reverse 270-310 PSI at Stall
Drive 60-78 PSI at Idle
Drive 161-172 PSI at Stall