4EAT-G/G4A-EL Information
Gear Ratio: First 2.800
Gear Ratio: Second 1.540
Gear Ratio: Third 1.000
Gear Ratio: Fourth 0.700
Final Ratio: 3.700
Gear Ratio: Reverse 2.333

The G4A-EL/4EAT-G was Mazda's first four-speed automatic. This is an overdrive transaxle in which all shifts are computer controlled. Line pressure is operated by a throttle cable. This unit was used first in 1987 in Mazda 626 vehicles. Ford began using the transaxle, which is known as the 4EAT transmission, in its 1989 Probe vehicle. It also was used in Capri vehicles starting in 1991. This transaxle breaks down into three specific categories: The 1987 2.2L Mazda 626 vehicle ONLY, 1988- 92 non-turbo 2.2L vehicles and 1988-92 turbo & 3.0L V-6 vehicles.

It is mostly electronic (reason for the "EL" in the name). This transmission included three shift solenoids, a lockup solenoid, a vane-type pump, and a throttle cable. This transmission uses 16 operating valves in the valve body and governor for shift functions. There are also three valves in the valve body that serve no function, giving the G4A-EL a total of 19 valves.