Level Ten Torque Converter
Cost: $500

Involves removing the transmission Increases the stall of the transmission, enhancing launches Usually cuts off 0.4-0.6 seconds off of 1/4 mile time

Level Ten Hydro System Valve Body Recalibration Upgrade

This mod fixes shift deficiencies, optimizes driveability and shift feel, minimize heat build up and wear in the transmission. With this added to the torque convertor it will be very close to the performance of a manual transmission. You will need to send in your stock valve body. Fixes planetary burn up, band and clutch failures. Lowers trans temperature for improved durability. A must have for NOS Turbo, and Supercharged machines.

Cost: $6

Simple wiring to volume air flow sensor. Removes the preshift fuel cut and raises line pressure. Makes harder, faster, more powerful shifts for about 0.2-0.5 second shorter 1/4 mile times. Only works on the 2.5L Probe/MX-6 engine.

Transmission Cooler
Cost: $30-$50

The stock transmission cooler is very small on the Probe and MX-6, and is one reason these transmissions get ruined quickly. A transmission cooler will help protect the vital parts of your transmission by helping it from overheating and burning up seals and parts. Involves cutting the transmission lines and rerouting them through the new cooler which is mounted on the radiator.

External Transmission Filter
Difficulty: Medium
Cost: $25-$80

Protects the vital parts of your transmission from dirt and other small particles. Involves cutting the transmission lines and routing them through the external transmission filter.

Synthetic Transmission Fluid
Difficulty: Medium
Cost: $4 a quart

Just as synthetic engine oil helps your engine, the same can be done for your transmission with synthetic transmission fluid. It provides an outstanding low-temperature fluidity and keeps the transmission clean along with very resistant to heat and friction. Thus extending the life of your transmission.

Howlett's IAT Modification

Metlhead's Transmission Cooler Install