CD4E/LA4A-EL Rebuild
Symptoms and history

Vehicle would not move in reverse when hot
Transaxle would slip excessively in Drive
O/D Indicator Lamp was flashing

O/D Indicator lamp had been flashing for months prior to failure. My son had changed fluid last summer in hopes that this would cure the problem. Fluid removed at that time was burned and contained lots of particles suspending in the oil. O/D lamp continued to flash. By mid December 02, the car could not move in reverse under its own power. when hot. The engine would rev but the car would not move. About this time, while driving, the transaxle would slip excessively in Drive. The first and second gear shifts were very harsh. Once in drive (3rd gear), the engine would rev but vehicle speed would decrease. It was at this point that my son parked the car.

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