CD4E/LA4A-EL Rebuild
Transaxle removal and teardown

Transaxle removal
The first thing I did was purchase a factory Ford Shop Manual off e-bay. Follow the manual for step by step instructions to remove the transaxle. The only problem encountered during remove was gaining access to the torque converter/flexplate nuts. These four nuts are accessed through the starter hole. There is a small plastic plug that slips into the hole surrounding the starter opening. You need to remove this small plastic ”plug” to get access. Use an inspection mirror to see it. I messed around for about 4 hours before I discovered a solution. The plug slips toward the center of the start hole to remove it. I purchased a set of transmission plugs from Mac when I did my last transaxle. Lisle also sells a set for around $15. Make sure you install a plug in one of the halfshaft holes in the transaxle case before you remove the opposite halfshaft. This keeps the differential side gears from shifting around.

Transaxle teardown
Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. I set up a 4X8 sheet of plywood on sawhorses so that as I removed pieces from the transaxle, I could place them in order for reassembly. Make sure to follow the procedure outlined in the service manual. Watch out for thrust bearings since they like to stick to the mating parts during removal. I cleaned everything in cleaning solvent as I tore the transaxle apart. As you break the transaxle down, take notice of anything that looks burned or discolored by heat.

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