CD4E/LA4A-EL Rebuild
Repair and optional parts

Repair parts
I purchased the following parts during the rebuild process. I think this should be the standard rebuild list if your car exhibits similar symptoms. The total cost of parts for this rebuild was right at $1000. Just remember, the cheapest place I found was $2250 for a rebuild. You may be able to find a unit in a salvage yard but I could only find one and it was $1250. You also really don’t get much of a warranty with a salvage yard unit.

Torque Converter
Replace it since it has been filled with contaminated oil and particles suspended in the oil.

Forward Drum
These drums have a bad habit of cracking their welds as they get old. Excessive pump pressures cause weld failures. In this transaxle, the bushings were shot and the drum had dropped on the oil pump pedestal. This drum was a goner.

Reverse Drum
Bushings were destroyed and the drum was damaged.

Reverse Hub
Bushing damaged and mating surface to reverse drum was grooved.

Solenoid Pack
Ford redesigned solenoid pack for late model Contours and Escapes. New design will retrofit into early models and fix some of the problems. Solenoids can get plugged with contaminants that are suspended and circulated through the transaxle fluid. A local builder says to always change them, it’s cheap insurance. Look for a beige connector instead of black. Black connector is the old version.

MLP Sensor
Another component that has been redesigned over time. A source of problems when exposed to heat. Another cheap insurance item although it can be replaced after rebuild if it throws a code.

Transaxle Oil Pump
Another redesigned component. Make sure you specify you want the “new design” pump. Ford revised the pump because the pre 1997 model had a tendency to blow out its internal gasket. If your forward drum bushings fail and the drum drops on the oil pump pedestal the pump pedestal will get damaged and the edges of the sealing surfaces become razor sharp. Be careful.

Master Overhaul Kit
I purchased a Transgo Master Rebuild kit with steels and new friction materials.

The fluid filter was not included in the master kit. It must be purchased separately.

I replaced the band with the new designed band. It is wider than the original that came out of the transaxle. The narrow band is no longer available.

Shift Kit
I purchased a Transgo Shift Kit. This is one of those optional things you can do. The local guy I talked to said they install this kit every time they do a CD4E. It makes changes to the valve body. If you chose to use this kit, make sure you follow the instructions to the absolute letter of the law. Nothing more. Nothing less. There are also instructions for transaxle assembly that are very helpful. The kit was on $30 so it is worth the investment in my opinion.

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