CD4E/LA4A-EL Rebuild
Rebuilding the components

Rebuilding the components
Just follow the shop manual and get everything clean.
I cleaned everything during teardown just to get most of the oil off all the pieces. Make sure you clean every piece as you break down your components. I washed them once in solvent and then again in clean solvent just prior to reassembly. I also used compressed air to blow everything clean after solvent washing.

The toughest part is removing the springs from the drum assemblies. I made my own tools from PVC pipe. I found a scrap piece of PVC that was the diameter of the springs. I used a long bolt and a couple of steel bars to act as a spring compressor. It is more difficult this way but it can be done. It beat buying a $250 spring compressor.

Another difficult part is installing the pistons with new seals. The shop manual says to use special seal protectors to install the pistons. I just used STP or vasoline to lube the seals. Set them on top of their bores. While applying light downward pressure, use a .010 feeler gauge and start working your way around the piston. Just poke the seal with the feeler gauge. The first time is tough but once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty easy. Above all, keep the thing lubed, the slicker, the better. If not, the seals will tear when you drag the feeler gauge over them. Try to poke down on the seal, not drag around the piston bore.

Note, make sure you presoak your friction materials in ATF at least 1 hour before you install them. When I get the rebuild kit open, I pull all my friction materials out and put them I a pan of ATF. They soak a minimum of 24 hours. This prevents excessive wear at startup when there is a diminished fluid supply from the pump.

Just keep following the manual step by step. If you get frustrated, step outside for a while. This thing is really tedious and will drive you nuts. Just donít get in a hurry and you will be fine.

Once you get a component reassembled, place it in a plastic bag to keep dust and dirt off the parts.

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