CD4E/LA4A-EL Rebuild
Rebuilding the valve body

Rebuilding the valve body
The VB is the brains of your transaxle. It is also the most complex component in the transaxle. Donít be intimated by its complexity. Just remember to go slow and be careful. It took me about 6 hours to get the VB torn apart. About 2 hours to reassemble.

There are two ways to address a Valve body during an overhaul. Complete disassembly and cleaning Thorough cleaning only

I completely disassembled the valve body since I needed to install the shift kit. The shift kit requires you to drill some additional holes through passages in the VB. I wanted to make sure I got all the metal shaving from the drilling process removed before I reassembled the VB.

During teardown of the VB, it is important that you do not mix up any of the parts. You must keep all the spools and springs in there proper places or else you are asking for a disaster of epic proportions. I went and bought a large metal baking pan and lined it with a piece of a fluffy bath towel. This way, as you pull the pieces out, you can lay them in the pan and they will not roll around.

Disassemble the entire VB. Get all the spools and springs out. You will probably have trouble getting some of the retaining plugs out of the VB. Just take your time and keep working the valves with a pick or small screwdriver. Donít force anything. This process will drive you nuts but it must be done to make sure no particles keep the spools from sliding in there respective bores.

Install the Shift Kit. The instructions are clear and straight forward. Follow the directions exactly as stated. You will be drilling some new passages, installing new springs, and installing a new pressure regulator valve. Once again, make sure you clean everything and blow off excess solvent with compressed air.

Reassemble the valve body by installing all the spools and springs back into their respective locations. If the retainer plugs give you trouble, you can sand them down with 600 grit sandpaper. Just take off enough so that they slide in easy.

If you chose not to install a shift kit, just clean the entire valve body assembly in solvent and blow dry. Use a screwdriver or a dental pick to make sure all spools move freely within their bores.

Reassemble the entire VB and place it in a plastic bag for reinstallation.

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