What parts are interchangable between transmissions?


Most of the geartrain inside the G4A-HL (1988-1989 Mazda 323) will interchange with a 1988-92 non-turbo 4EAT-G/G4A-EL transaxle, with the exception of the final-drive components. The pump shaft, pump cover, friction plates, and band in a 4EAT/GF4A-EL transaxle will interchange with the 1988-92 non-turbo G4A-EL. All these transaxles have the same gearbox ratios. However, the final drive changes the overall ratio.
These ratios are as follows:
2.800:1 First Gear
1.540:1 Second Gear
1.000:1 Third Gear
0.700:1 Fourth GearB
2.333:1 Reverse