How do you install a transmission cooler and where?

Full Stock Cooler Bypass

The Hayden 404 kit should come with everything you need to mount it exactly like my pictures above. I removed the bumper cover for clarity and easier install. My cooler is mounted for 100% efficiency. The cooler can be mounted between the radiator and condensor for only 75% efficiency. I suggest the 100% "intercooler style" mounting.

"Sandwich Mount"

"Intercooler Mount"

The Hayden kit should include about 6ft of trans hose, 4 zip tie mounting straps, four pads for the straps, 4 clamps, and other miscellaneous crap you won't use.

The stock transmission cooler is integrated into the radiator. I totally bypassed the stock cooler. Plugs are not needed for the transcooler hoses since the cooler is uses separate lines inside the radiator.

There are two hoses on the transmission, one on the top by the shift cable position sensor and the one on the bottom by the fluid pump. The bottom line(pump) goes to the bottom line on the cooler. The top line(shift cable) goes to the top line on the cooler. You will need to run new hose since the stock hose will not reach all of the way to the new cooler. Use your new clamps, they are so much nicer than the old clamps

The cooler mounts using those zip tie straps. If you feel the need, you can put the little pads between the cooler and the condensor. If you don't use the pads, so be it. Nothing gained, or lost. The ties straps go through the cooler and the condensor(between the fins) and you tighten the caps on the ties straps till the assembly won't move.

Bumper off

Bumper on